Slingshot helps you put business management on autopilot.

Financial services

Intuitive financial software and premium service to save you thousands each year.

Wellness benefits

Holistic options for your entire team, with retirement plans, healthcare, and more.

Concierge support

Access experts for whatever you need, from booking travel to in-person tech support.

Save moneyKeep as much as 90% more cash every year.

Slingshot's smart deductions and innovative legal model leave you with hundreds of thousands of extra dollars to invest in your content and future.

Annual income:


Estimates include 10% manager cut and $1k/mo Slingshot fee.


take home


fees + taxes


take home


fees + taxes


annual savings

typical finances

with Slingshot

Automate expenses visual

Save timeAutomate your business.

Say goodbye to manual expense tracking and deductions. We generate automatic, accurate expense reports—all you need to do is occasionally text us photos of receipts.

Live wellPremium benefits in minutes, not months.


Group-rate PPO plans for the whole team, with expansive coverage, low premiums, no minimums, and one-click setup.

401k plans

Save for your future in a tax-advantaged account, with automatic contributions, minimal fees, and a wide array of portfolio options.

Scale with easeDesigned to grow with you.

24x7 concierge
Text our team of experts anytime. We're here to help no matter what you're dealing with, even if unrelated to finance or business.
Infinite scale
Our platform is backed by some of the world's largest banks and creators—we're ready to grow with you, from $100k to $100m.
Built around you
As you grow, we'll match you with dedicated, industry-leading advisors and build custom solutions around your specific needs.

Slingshot partners with Stripe Payments Company for money transmission and account services, with funds held at FDIC member banks including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, BNY Mellon, Column Bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, and First Internet Bank. Slingshot Select Visa® Commercial credit cards are issued by Celtic Bank.

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